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VIP Coachella tickets and how to get tickets to Coachella

It’s the time of year.  The time of year that gets everyone talking about it more than any celebrity breakup or drug bust, preparing for it more than for holidays like Easter by planning what to wear over fasting, and planning as if it’s spring break.

It’s Coachella 2011!!!

If you missed the boat of getting tickets as soon as they were released you’re probably wondering ‘how do I get tickets to Coachella?’  Your answers are pray. Buy from a scalper the day of (after driving hours to get there).  Keep searching online and then outbid others.  Or, skip the regular ticket and go for VIP Coachella concert tickets. 

That’s right. Skip average. Go VIP.  VIP Coachella concert tickets are not widely (and are barely) advertised.  They are a rarity, like yellow or black diamonds.  They are just as spectacular as diamonds too.  They won’t last forever, they’ll last for four days, but they will leave memories for a lifetime.  Nothing is like the experience of Coachella.  It is unlike even the best concert.  Imagine the best concert you’ve been too happening over and over again in a series of a few days, and in between just energy of endless free spirited love of others there and music. 

So as you think to yourself ‘how do I get tickets to Coachella now??’  First, make a mental reminder to not do this again next year. Next, consider VIP Coachella concert tickets as a forced excuse to treat yourself.

Yup, rationalized luxury gift treatment.  Spoil yourself because it’s your only real option left for tickets.  You can spend a lot of time and headache and bidding over finding regular Coachella tickets now that they are (and have been) sold out.  Or, you can spend a little more than others, get your VIP tickets, and enjoy the luxuries of premium food, drink, air conditioning, bathrooms, golf cart transportation, not having to wait in line, and having full behind the scenes and in the scenes access.  You won’t just have access to watch the concert from far off with others.  Now, you’ll have access to go behind the scenes as well where your favorite artists go.

There are so many benefits to All Access and VIP tickets that pay off beyond any penny pinching of one of the most memorable events of the entire year.  Saving a little by maybe eating in a few nights out of the entire year instead of eating out and instead spending it on VIP treatment and premium access tickets to Coachella-one of the most memorable events of a lifetime and the year would be much, much more worthwhile.  Or maybe I’m wrong.  And eating out a few extra times a year is much more memorable and worthwhile.   It’s up to you, but now at least you know your options when you think to yourself now that it’s too late, ‘how do I get tickets to Coachella?’


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